VitaMobi EHR is the most comprehensive EHR for the new Smartphone Generation

VitaMobi Commerce Platform

VitaMobi EHR has been designed from the ground up for the new smartphone generation. Instead of spending lots of time on the phone with patients, you can answer patient questions online in a quick, convenient and secure manner. VitaMobi EHR offers customizable SOAP templates that can be structured to fit the needs of doctors of any speciality.  VitaMobi offers customizable templates which helps nurses speed up patient intake documentation and increase productivity.

iPad & Tablet Mobile devices compatible

VitaMobi lets you engage with your patients beyond computers. It works beautifully on an iPad, iPad mini & other tablets and mobile devices. It is intuitive with simple, tap and swipe, pick lists, and templates and offers seamless transition between the mobile and web versions. 

VitaMobi is a complete EHR that is highly flexible and can be customized as per the needs of your Hospital.  


Standard features include:

Flexible & customizable documentation
Integrated Billing Solution & Practice Management
Customizable templates for recording a SOAP note
Patient medical history
Patient Medications
Referral Management
Automated patient check-in process
Appointments Scheduling
Secure Messaging System
Electronic prescribing with integration with mobile Apps and Patient Portal
Role-based views & security preferences
Create custom health plans
Automatic alerts
Intelligent task management
Physician Dashboard and Patient Encounters with daily schedules and calendars
Synchronize & coordinate staff & patient communication
Lab Integration: Order labs and receive results electronically
Multiple Simultaneous Users
All features to support uploaded documents and make a Paper Less Hospital

Patient Health Record Management

VitaMobi Patient Health Records Management System (PHRMS) is user-friendly, that gives you a way to manage patient health information in a central location seamlessly integrated with patient portal and patient mobile apps. A complete snapshot of a patient’s health record, allows for better tracking of health information and conditions and provides easy to review and understand health data.

Prescription Management

VitaMobi streamlines your prescription workflow processes and quickly, securely generates and transmits scripts electronically from the office, hospital or home.

• Quickly review medication & allergy lists
• Easily import medication histories
Medications based on patient formulary.
• Link multiple pharmacies to a single patient
• Confirm & sign prescriptions

Lab Result: Get your medical results online

VitaMobi offers a comfortable access to laboratory results for doctors, hospitals and patients. It gives you a better overview. Patient can access all relevant results via mobile app & patient portal. It is a convenient and secure solution for the communication between laboratories, hospitals, doctors and patients. The entire solution makes all processes in a hospital cost-efficient and time saving.

Configurable Templates

Vitamobi EHR has the capacity to turn your practice into an entire electronic medical practice/hospital with its capabilities and features.  VitaMobi offers customizable templates for multi-specialty clinics and hospitals. SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) can be entered using structured templates or from a scratch using free flowing text.